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At RJA, we create solutions that deliver long-lasting results to our institutional partners.


Our team understands that every project is unique, which is why we tailor our approach to meet the specific needs of each client. We pride ourselves on our exceptional strategy and attention to detail, ensuring stakeholder buy-in and collaboration throughout the planning process and beyond. By carefully balancing your strategic and financial objectives, we will work together to establish a roadmap for achieving immediate and sustainable change.


Our unwavering commitment to excellence is made possible by our robust team of subject matter experts in real estate, finance, operations, design, construction, and infrastructure who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to each project.

As the most iterative part of the process, we ask our institutional partners the right questions to understand what truly matters to them. We listen to their needs, identify short and long-term goals, and then develop a customized plan. At the same time, we layer in our expertise on regional and national trends, current market impacts, and more to provide our clients with a well-rounded perspective.



Our team's keen attention to detail and robust experience paves the way for creating complex, integrated economic models that capture all project costs and operating variables. We dive deep into the details, from predictive analytics and financial modeling to operations analysis and optimization, to various funding and ownership models that anticipate the real-time economic impact of project-related decisions.



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As you seek to improve your existing assets or acquire additional real estate, RJA will evaluate each opportunity to determine the best use of physical and financial resources. Our team has in-depth experience identifying, leading, and negotiating complex real estate transactions to ensure the greatest value is realized. We help our partners stay focused on their true mission and core objectives while we maximize impact and return.



Whether you are looking to self-develop or pursue a P3 structure, RJA can spearhead the entire process from conception to execution. By leveraging our extensive network of trusted relationships with developers, bankers, and investors, we connect our institutional partners with the right people and resources to make their projects successful. We understand the complexity of these transactions and work tirelessly to ensure our clients are supported in identifying development opportunities, understanding risk transfer, securing financing, and accessing key industry insights.



Our talented design and construction advisory team – complete with licensed architects and contractors – serves as an extension of the owner. From pre-design through opening, our team is with you at every step of the way, ensuring that the final product achieves your strategic and financial goals. We facilitate collaboration between everyone on the project, proactively identifying and solving issues to maintain efficiency and effectiveness within the process.



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